WORMHOLE, 2023, Athens, GR

Solo exhibition at KYAN Athens, Athens, GR

KYAN Projects is pleased to present Wormhole, a solo show by summer 2022, artist in residence Lena Brazin. After working in the KYAN studio for two months, the majority of works she produced in Athens, became the main core of her current solo presentation. In this exhibition, Lena Brazin attempts to express an understanding of the contemporary self, full of paradoxes and different textures. By representing mixeddimensions of one’s life, through ordinary moments and mystical experiences, physical matter dissolves in the exposure of the ethereal and subconscious. In her paintings she explores the seen and unseen with an attempt to materialize immateriality, to reflect the fulness of human existence. She uses multiple layers of vibrant colors and bold brushwork to exaggerate the expressively narrated objects, subjects, and symbols fromher past and present life. Finding their way in the compositions, are Illusions, assumptions, smoking mirrors, fears, anxieties, addictions, detours, and desires that mislead otherwise clear trajectories. She focuses on the observation of the universal complexity of everyday existence including its metaphysical aspects; The exhibition spotlights the idea that the Unknown is awaiting, and the only thing we know is that we will come out of it transformed on the other side. By translating her existential questioning into painting matter, she reveals her vision of personal metamorphosis.

Text by Kyveli Zoi