Brazin´s work explores and expresses metaphysical, mystical and spiritual themes of human life through an intuitive approach to painting where vivid colours and bold drawing form a base for her expressive language within the figurative and narrative painting.

Her use of the exaggerated personal and symbolic imagery evokes questioning and opens up an imaginative space for the viewer to occupy where multiple layers of paint with different paces of application of the paint reflect the complexity of the reality that we live in. Brazin´s  work represents a fusion of the two seemingly disconnected worlds of seen and unseen. Supernatural is often being shown through the invented cartoon and fluid-like characters which collide and merge with our reality. They play the role of the bridge that leads the audience to think beyond their material existence. She describes this depiction and disclosure of other dimensions of consciousness as „Materialised Immateriality“. Frequently used linen stretched over custom crossed wooden bars as well as lime wood panels as her preferred surfaces reference the intangible and fragile nature of the physical world.