I use figurative and narrative painting to explore the metaphysical and spiritual themes of human life. I choose an instinctive approach to painting, where vivid colors and bold drawing form a base for my expressive language.

Exaggerated personal and symbolic imagery evokes questioning and opens up an imaginative space for the viewer to occupy. Multiple layers of paint and different paces of application reflect the complexity of the reality that we live in.

My work relies on the very intuitive method of collaging photography from real life (most often portraits of people and environments that I encounter on my path) and spontaneous drawing where two seemingly disconnected worlds of seen and unseen (etheric) collide and merge together. Supernatural is being shown through the invented cartoon-like characters and imprinted into the material by the act of painting itself. They portray thoughts, invisible guidance, observations, other dimensions, fantastical beings, whatever you want them to be. They are there to inspire people who look at my work to think beyond their material existence. Custom wooden stretchers that I make with my limited knowledge of building a support, are there to be seen fully naked and to point out the intangible and fragile nature of the physical while anchoring the ethereal world that takes place on the linen.

Kalighat painting, Mandala Art, Icon Painting, Expressionism, and Fauvism are all a great source of inspiration. I am trying to depict and disclose deeper levels of consciousness through the implementation of some of their main characteristics, especially harmonized aesthetics and geometry, focus on the figure and portraiture / human spirit, flatness, bright use of colors and depiction of the Mystical.